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Here’s When You Can Continue Sean and Daniel’s Life Is Strange 2 Journey

Don’t nod off in the first scene, because things escalate quickly!

life is strange episode 2

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 2 Sets Its Sights on Early 2019

This adventure is taking longer than expected.

Life is Strange comic book

Life is Strange Comic Book Will Explore Player Choices and Outcomes

Who’s cutting onions?

See Sam’s Investigative Side in Twin Mirror’s New Gameplay Trailer

I can’t even remember my phone number, sometimes.

vampyr sales

Focus Home Reports Record Revenue as Vampyr Continues to Enjoy ‘Tremendous Success’

Upcoming titles include Call of Cthulhu.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 2

Life is Strange 2 Developers Give Status Update on Episode 2

Shouldn’t be too far away.

Life is Strange 2 episode 1 ps4 review

Life is Strange 2, Episode 1 “Roads” Review — A Deeply American Odyssey (PS4)

Ewe might want to learn why these kids are suddenly on the lamb…

vampyr difficulty update

Upcoming Vampyr Update Adds Two New Difficulty Modes

Dontnod introduces Story Mode and Hard Mode.

life is strange 2 launch trailer

See a Moving Bond Between Brothers in the Life Is Strange 2 Launch Trailer

Get ready for another emotional rollercoaster.

Life is Strange 2 Story

How Life is Strange 2 Will Stay True to the Series

Life is still strange.

Twin Mirror Features Exploration and Side Stories That Weave Into the Main Story

The town will become its own character.

Twin Mirror Story detailes in dev diary

Twin Mirror Dev Diary Dives into Murder Mysteries and Emotions

Just give me good characters and I’m totally onboard.

twin mirror esrb rating

ESRB Rating Offers More Details on Dontnod’s Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror is most definitely a Dontnod game.

life is strange ending

Life Is Strange Devs Discuss Max and Chloe’s Canon Ending

Bae or Bay?

life is strange chloe and max

Dontnod Talks Leaving Behind Chloe and Max for Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange’s universe exists beyond the story of Chloe and Max.

twin mirror episode 1

Twin Mirror Is an Episodic Adventure

Are we surprised by this?

life is strange 2 trailer

Meet Life Is Strange 2’s Sean and Daniel Diaz

A tale of brotherly love?

shattered state

Until Dawn Developer Trademarks ‘Shattered State’ as gamescom Teases ‘Huge’ Surprises

Tune in on Tuesday, August 21.

vampyr tv series

McG is Directing a Vampyr TV Series

That was quick!

Twin mirror release date

Twin Mirror Will Clue Us Into The Action With Upcoming Gameplay Reveal

How will it be “unique” to the narrative?