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Dontnod Changes Name to Don’t Nod, Suggests Seven Games in Production

Dontnod Entertainment has rebranded itself as Don’t Nod for its fourteenth anniversary. This announcement is paired with a new website and a logo trailer just under twenty seconds long that suggests the developer is producing seven games.

Don’t Nod logo trailer shows clues to its seven projects

While some fans were expecting a game announcement based on the studio’s tweet from yesterday, the logo trailer does technically give clues to the projects it’s working on. It may take awhile, though, before everyone starts using Don’t Nod instead of Dontnod Entertainment as that has been the company’s name for over a decade. We suppose that the added apostrophe and the split of the name into two words do make it clear how to pronounce the original “Dontnod’ word.

At any rate, the clues in the logo trailer are rather cryptic, but at least it clarifies that Don’t Nod is still working on seven games. The developer has confirmed that the Don’t Nod logo in the snow, the last one in the trailer, refers to the studio’s upcoming game called Gerda: A Flame in Winter, which is releasing on September 1 this year for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

The first six edits show in the trailer off the logo in various backgrounds:

  • The first shows a videotape, suggesting some ’80s throwback.
  • The second has a snowy, forest background with glowing runic letters, likely referring to its collaboration with Focus Home Interactive.
  • The third has a bunch of cartoonish, falling stars
  • The fourth also showcases a background of stars, but is more realistic and has an almost sci-fi feel to it
  • The fifth has a background shows off several abstract flowchart with many branches and pathways
  • The sixth has the logo embedded on a stone slab, as if it’s some Borderlands game

Perhaps some eagle-eyed sleuths can figure out what these games are before Don’t Nod announces them officially.

In other news, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Gotham Knights were canceled due to the game’s scale and scope, and here’s a short guide on how to upgrade PS Plus to Extra or Premium.