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World War Z Release Date

World War Z Joins Days Gone With an April Release Date

Fresh zombies, incoming.

world war z pvpvz

Try to Outlive the Living and Dead in World War Z’s Chaotic Players vs Players vs Zombies Mode

Zombies will storm the arena throughout a match.

a plague tale release date

Experience the Black Death Firsthand This May in A Plague Tale: Innocence

Just be sure to avoid any rats.

farming simulator league

Farming Simulator Joins the Esports World with a €250 Thousand Prize Pool

Who truly is the best farmer out there?

world war z publisher

Focus Home Interactive Will Bring World War Z to Consoles

It’s unclear if the same is true for the PC release.

the council episode 5

The Council’s Fifth Episode and Complete Season Will Release in December 2018

Tie the loose ends.

Farming Simulator 19 PS4 Review

Farming Simulator 19 Review – Gorgeous Monotony (PS4)

Time to hit the fields!

Call of Cthulhu review

Call of Cthulhu Review – Lots of Lovecraft, Not Enough-ian (PS4)

The -ian can bring you a long way, if you’re clever.

Call of Cthulhu release

Release of the Week for 10/29/18-11/4/18: Call of Cthulhu

Have you heard about our Lord and Savior Cthulhu?

vampyr sales

Focus Home Reports Record Revenue as Vampyr Continues to Enjoy ‘Tremendous Success’

Upcoming titles include Call of Cthulhu.

Call of Cthulhu Trailer

Call of Cthulhu Strikes Fear Into Our Hearts With Its Launch Trailer

Do you hear the call of Cthulhu?

call of cthulhu trailer

New Call of Cthulhu Trailer Offers a Preview of the Upcoming Madness as the Game Goes Gold

Just in time for Halloween!

vampyr difficulty update

Upcoming Vampyr Update Adds Two New Difficulty Modes

Dontnod introduces Story Mode and Hard Mode.

farming simulator 19 gameplay trailer

Farming Simulator 19 Gameplay Trailer is the Most Hype Crop Harvesting Ever

Crop harvesting has never been edited so aggressively.

new call of cthulhu gameplay trailer

New Call of Cthulhu Gameplay Trailer Takes Us on the Path to Madness

Cultists, Deep Ones, and hallucinations, oh my.

The surge dlc the good the bad and the augmented

The Surge DLC ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented’ Unveiled

I’ll meet you at high noon… bring your jumpsuit!

Call of Cthulhu’s gamescom 2018 Trailer Involves Some Serious Choices

Yep, this has H.P. Lovecraft written all over it.

A Plague Tale Innocence Gameplay Video

Rats Devour Everything in A Plague Tale: Innocence Gameplay Trailer

The right time to make the ever-popular ratatouille?

vampyr tv series

McG is Directing a Vampyr TV Series

That was quick!

vampyr sales

‘Robust’ Vampyr Sales Result in Increased Revenue for Publisher Focus Home Interactive

The game’s officially a commercial success.