New Dontnod Game

Life Is Strange Dev Dontnod Teasing News for Tomorrow

Life Is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment has revealed on its official Twitter that it may give some clues for a new Dontnod game tomorrow. The developer doesn’t give any details beyond that on what news we’ll hear from them, but it promises that more will be revealed on the account very soon.

What Dontnod Entertainment might reveal tomorrow

In April last year, Dontnod Entertainment revealed through its financial report that the studio was working on six games that were, at the time, in the design or pre-production phase. Two of those were codenamed Project 7, a new IP owned by Dontnod in development at its new Montreal studio, and Project 8, which looks to be an action-RPG done in collaboration with Focus Home Interactive.

Dontnod previously worked with the publisher on Vampyr, but it looks like this won’t be a sequel to the series. Artwork for the collaborative project showed off a black-and-white picture of a man exploring a hilly forest under a dark, cloudy sky.

According to interviews with the studio in the following month in May 2021, the new game will likely not be in the Life Is Strange franchise either. That’s not too surprising as Square Enix owns the intellectual property for the series, with both Life Is Strange: Before the Storm and Life Is Strange: True Colors being developed by Deck Nine. Dontnod could return to making games in the franchise, but it wanted to focus on creating new IPs so that it wasn’t so closely tied to the Life Is Strange brand.

In fact, in order to remain independent, the studio had to fend off “several proposals” from companies that wanted to acquire it. Meanwhile, Dontnod revealed that it was developing Project 9, Project 10, Project 11, and Dontnod Project 1. With any luck, the announcement tomorrow will show off trailers and screenshots for more than several of these unknown games, like perhaps a PlayStation release for Tell Me Why?

In other news, the Bloodborne PS5 remaster was not announced at all, and Hangar 13 reportedly has plans to make two new Mafia games and a Top Spin revival.