Shady Part of Me ps4

Combine Dreams with Reality in Shady Part of Me, Available Now for PlayStation 4

Focus Home Interactive teased a couple of new reveals before The Game Awards aired, but nobody was expecting them to release a game immediately. Shady Part of Me combines a shadow world with an alternate dreamscape dimension to create a puzzle platformer that’s available now.

The game tells the story of an anonymous little girl. Whereas a lot of children are scared of the dark, the naïve child flees all sources of light and prefers to stay hidden in the shadows. This meant she rarely sees her alternate persona, her shadow. The shadow is far more confident, taking on any danger that will mean she can taste freedom at the end of her journey. The two must work together to solve puzzles and get around obstacles if they’re to free themselves.

The worlds are created from the split personality of the girl. The first world is a 3D dreamscape that is built from fragments of her memory. In the background is the second world, a shadowy projection against the wall. Each of the strange environments is the girl’s interpretation of her world, drawing from both order and chaos. Both parts of her personality will evolve differently as she progresses through the world. The universe definitely draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. There’s also hints of games like Limbo and Little Nightmares too.

Players can alternate between the two worlds at any time. In the 3D world, objects can be moved, switches can be operated, and other mechanisms can be manipulated to create opportunities for the shadow in the background. If players fail, there’s always the option to turn back time and try again.

The game is the creation of developer Douze-Dixièmes. They’re a team of seven where nearly all of them have previously worked in animation. The artistic direction and narration is the brainchild of Hannah Murray, who’s previously worked on Skins and Game of Thrones. The team even created their own graphics engine to create a feeling of a drawing being brought to life.

Shady Part of Me is available now on PlayStation 4. Those who purchase the game before December 24 will get a 10% discount on their purchase.

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