PlayStation Plus January 2021

PSA: The January 2021 PS Plus Free Games Are Available Now

It’s the first Tuesday of the month, and that means a new set of free PlayStation Plus games to add to your collection. The January 2021 PS Plus free games are available to redeem now.

January 2021 PS Plus Free Games

The PS Plus free games for January 2021 include:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4): Step back into the adventurous shoes of Lara Croft in the third part of the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy as she and Micah unwittingly set off and subsequently try to stop an apocalypse. The gritty and mature reboot trilogy doesn’t pull any punches. Read our review.

(As an additional note, the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition upgrade pack is on sale for $5.99, down from $19.99. This will unlock all of the game’s DLC content for you.)

GreedFall (PS4): GreedFall is an RPG developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive. It takes clear influences from games like The Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age, while having a unique flair all its own. The developer hoped that its game would fill the void left by BioWare, and now you can try it for yourself to see if they succeeded. Read our review.

Maneater (PS5): The worlds first Shark RPG (ShaRkPG) has you take on the role of a baby Mako Shark, devouring  food, growing, and working your way up the food chain. It’s told as a mock nature documentary, and lets you become the shark with excellent swimming mechanics and a visceral brutality to the shark’s snapping jaws. Unlock a variety of upgrades and mutations to customize your shark and the way you play, and enjoy a few human snacks on the beach before literally sinking boats filled with hunters. Read our review.

(Note that the PS Plus free games only include the PS5 version of Maneater. The PS4 version is not included. If you already own the PS4 version, the PS5 version is a free upgrade anyway outside of the PS Plus Instant Games Collection. The PS5 upgrade includes a number of enhancements and improvements to the last-gen version, as well as a whole new Trophy list to get another platinum on.)

Redeem the January 2021 PS Plus Free Games

To redeem the free games, make sure you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription and head over to the PlayStation Store. You can redeem them from your console, or by visiting the web store.

Redeem the January 2021 PS Plus free games here.

Click on each game and click redeem to add it to your PS Plus collection. Once a game is redeemed, it is added to your collection as long as you retain an active PS Plus subscription (even if you lapse and come back). You do not have to download or play the games immediately. You can also redeem the free PS5 games even if you don’t own the next-gen console yet. Build up a library of games before you get one!

Make sure to redeem these PS Plus free games before February 2, 2021, when a new batch of free games will go live on the service. Expect those new games to be announced on Wednesday, January 27.