PlayStation Plus January 2021

Maneater (PS5), Greedfall, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are the Free PS Plus Games for January 2021

That time of the month has rolled around again and Sony has revealed the three titles heading into the PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection for January 2021. From Tuesday, January 5, PlayStation 4 players will be able to download Greedfall and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. PS5 players get an extra title in the form of Maneater. All of these titles will be available to redeem until Monday, February 1.

Greedfall is an action-RPG that sends players to the mysterious island of Teer Fradee. Here, the Merchant Congregation is looking for a cure for the plague-like malichor that’s ripping through the continent. Using diplomacy or deception, protagonist De Sardet must choose whether to ally with the native islanders who possess magical powers, or with the foreign nations trying to colonise the land. The game won’t be available for players in the Middle East; they’ll get Assetto Corsa instead. Players in Japan and South Korea will get Mistover.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the third and final instalment in the rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy. The game takes place two months after the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Lara Croft and her friend Jonah Maiava travel to Mexico where they try to stop the exploits of the Trinity paramilitary organization. In doing so, they manage to trigger a Mayan apocalypse known as the Cleansing, and now the duo has to stop the world from ending instead. This is just the base game rather than the Definitive Edition, so none of the DLC will be included.

PS5 players get to try out Maneater, the world’s first “shaRkPG.” Unsurprisingly, players assume the role of a shark as they terrorize their prey. Beginning as a pup, prey will start out as small fry. As the shark grows bigger, bigger victims are required. There are plenty of enemies to avoid, though, including a fisherman that dismembers the shark. Revenge will be sweet. Only PS5 players can make use of this promotion, however. The PlayStation 4 version is not included. If you have played the game on PS4 previously, be aware that saves, stats, and trophies will not be carried across. The good news for Trophy hunters is that it’s an entirely separate Trophy list for you to get Platinum on.

All of the games will be available to redeem until February 1. With January 5 still six days away, there’s still time to redeem December’s games. Just Cause 4, Rocket Arena, and Worms Rumble, as well as November/December’s PS5 game Bugsnax, all leave the service on January 4. As long as you redeem the games before the expiration date, you can download them at any time as long as you maintain an active PS Plus subscription.

Also note that even if you don’t have a PS5 just yet, you can head to the PlayStation Store via a browser to redeem the free PS5 games and build up a library of next-gen titles while you wait to get your hands on the new console.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]