Maneater’s Trophies, Stats, and Saves Won’t Transfer from PS4 to PS5

Maneater developer Tripwire Interactive recently confirmed the RPG will be available on next-gen consoles at launch. The studio further informed existing fans to anticipate a free upgrade path from current-gen to the next. Other details about Maneater’s cross-gen features have come to light since then, too. Notably, trophies, stats, and save data on the PS4 version will not carry over to the PS5.

Tripwire makes note of this in an FAQ section on its forums. With regards to Maneater’s PS4 to PS5 next-gen upgrade, the FAQ shares the following: “This IS a separate application/game on PlayStation 5 and trophies, stats and saves will not transfer.” It stands to reason, then, that those who have earned the Maneater Platinum on PS4 can double dip by getting the free upgrade and unlocking each trophy all over again on the PS5 version. While this is neat, the lack of cross-gen stats and save progress from is unfortunate, especially since Tripwire says the feature will work on Xbox platforms.

It remains a mystery as to why cross-gen progress on PlayStation’s consoles doesn’t seem more prominent. Insomniac managed to get save transfers working for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (though they won’t work  for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered). However, a few third-party developers have now confirmed their games are unable to accomplish the same feat. DIRT 5 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon, in addition to Maneater, are among those that won’t boast a cross-save feature on PlayStation hardware, at least for the upgraded PS5 versions. It’s unknown how it will work if playing via backwards compatibility.

Maneater is out now on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. PS5 and Xbox Series X players can dive into the ShARkPG on each console’s respective release date in November, either via free upgrade from the current-gen version, or by purchasing the new next-gen version from the respective storefront.

[Source: Tripwire Interactive Forums via GamingBolt]