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dirt rally 2 day one

Buy DiRT Rally 2.0 Early, and Get Some Exclusive Bonuses

Eager beavers will be rewarded.

metro exodus spartan edition

Metro Exodus Gets Limited Spartan Collector’s Edition, Includes a Premium Artyom Statue

Copy of the game not included.

metro exodus carabiner compass

Preordering Metro Exodus at GameStop Gets You a Carabiner Compass

You’ll never get lost again, probably.

Help Sir Hans Capon Woo Beautiful Karolina in Upcoming Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC

She’s the fairest maid Sir Capon ever set his eyes on.

metro exodus story

The Metro Exodus Script Is Longer Than the Previous Games and DLC Combined

Players will help shape Artyom’s morality.

metro exodus playtime

Metro Exodus’ Playtime Matches Length of the First 2 Games Combined

The game could take over 20 hours to complete.

metro exodus open world

Metro Exodus Open Areas Described as ‘Miniature Open Worlds’

Each of the “miniature open worlds” offers hours of exploration.

Dakar 18 Release Date Changed

Dakar 18 Release Pushed Back, But Not by Much

Racing and drifting in a buttload of dirt. Oh yeah.

Killing Floor 2 Update

Killing Floor 2 Has a Spooky Halloween Update on the Horizon

Killing Floor 2 updates will slay you.

Metro Exodus Gameplay Trailer

Monsters Dominate the Metro Exodus gamescom 2018 Trailer

Just give me my oxygen mask and I’ll be on my way.

shenmue 3 release date

Shenmue III Has a Real Release Date

This is it, right? No take backs?

shattered state

Until Dawn Developer Trademarks ‘Shattered State’ as gamescom Teases ‘Huge’ Surprises

Tune in on Tuesday, August 21.

metro exodus limited edition

Metro Exodus Aurora Limited Edition Includes an Art Book

Preorders are now live.


Outward Will Offer a New Take on Open-World Action RPGs in 2019

Attempting to reinvent the genre

metro exodus playable

Metro Exodus Will Be Playable at gamescom and PAX West

The most depressing world tour ever.

Metro Exodus customization

Metro Exodus to Feature Deep Weapon and Gear Customization Options

Customization options are “rich” this time around.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Platinum

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Platinum Certification Achieved

Maybe we can craft some better armor with that platinum.

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Confirmed as Still in Development

News will come “at a later stage.”

new onrush patch

New Onrush Patch 2.0 Out Now for PS4, Includes Character Outfits

It addresses various game bugs, stabilizes and improves performance, and more.

kingdom come deliverance update

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update 1.6 Out Now, Introduces New Mode

Because the game wasn’t hard enough, here’s Warhorse Studios with a hardcore mode for Kingdom Come: Deliverance.