New Just Cause 4 Trailer Spotlights Its Rich World and Various Biomes

Avalanche Studios has launched a new video on Just Cause’s official YouTube page. The video, “Just Cause 4 SPOTLIGHT: World and Biomes,” is the first in a series that showcases different aspects of the forthcoming game. As the title suggests, Just Cause 4’s world of Solís receives all of the attention for the series’ inaugural episode.

Let’s watch.

Just Cause 4 features four distinct biomes—alpine, rainforest, grasslands, and desert. Each biome features its own climate and terrain. As such, the way Rico interacts with these regions changes quite drastically. The mountainous areas in the alpine region, which are “heavily inspired by the Andes,” provides open landscapes perfect for gliding about in a wingsuit. Meanwhile, the tall canopy of trees in the rainforest biome won’t allow for that particular mode of travel.

Interestingly, the region made up of rainforests is Just Cause 4’s largest biome. In addition to a landscape that differs from that of the alpine areas, these rainforests are also home to extreme weather conditions, such as tropical storms.

The region known as the grasslands “takes inspiration from the pampas in Argentina.” Despite being crafted with treeless lowlands in mind, this area constitutes Solís’ most populated region. Farmlands may fill a large swath of this region, but vast cities do, as well. It’s not all corn crops and skyscrapers, though. Extreme weather conditions are common in the grasslands, and typically give rise to tornados.

The final biome spotlighted in the video is the desert. It is an area that was once filled with “lush grasslands” and has dried out over time. The now “hostile and dry wilderness” constitutes the smallest of Just Cause 4’s various biomes. Like the grasslands and rainforest, the desert features its own extreme weather conditions–sandstorms. As noted in the video, the most devastating aspect of being trapped in a sandstorm is a strain on visibility.

With Avalanche wanting to create the “best open world sandbox ever,” fans of the franchise are in for a treat. It seems the attention to detail alone will make for something incredible.

Just Cause 4 hits store shelves this winter on December 4, 2018.