Just Cause 4 Aims to Be Best Sandbox Game Ever

So, Avalanche Studios seems to be getting pretty ambitious these days. Years of hard work have paid off, and at this stage, the Swedish company has several cool projects under its belt. On top of that, they are making an effort to create triple-A releases such as Just Cause 4, and they also mean to expand their library of games with indies. This became the company’s goal after it was acquired by Nordisk Film to encourage indie games and self-published projects.

But their ambitions now go even beyond that. Just Cause 4, like its predecessor, is going to be an open world shooter, so enhancing the sandbox formula has been the concept right from the start.

Game director Francesco Antolini recently said: “We want to make the best open world sandbox ever. We want to be the sandbox that gives the biggest possibility for expression in an open world. We wanted to push our physics to the boundary, and we wanted to get back to a feeling of variety and discovery that I feel we lost a little bit with Just Cause 3.”

He continued to talk about how fans of the Just Cause series usually prefer to experiment with the open world formula as much as possible. Players are typically focused on having fun. The developer’s sandbox recipe will allow this and more. But they are still focused on satisfying a wider range of players. “We know very well that not all gamers want to fiddle with the sandbox just for the sake of it, and so the truth is if you want to you can completely disregard this aspect of the game,” he concluded.

Developer Avalanche and publisher Square Enix are going to release Just Cause 4 on December 4, 2018, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Are you guys looking forward to Just Cause 4 and the open world fun it promises?

[Source: Push Square and gamereactor.eu]