Just Cause 4 PS5 Update

Just Cause 4 PS5 Next-Gen Update Listing Was a Mistake

When Just Cause 4 was listed for January’s PS Plus Extra games with a PS5 next-gen version, many were hoping for a stealth update later this week, but unfortunately, it all turned out to be a mistake. All mentions of a PS5 version of the game have since been removed from the PS Blog and the game will only be available for PS4 when it is added on January 17.

Will Just Cause 4 get a PS5 update?

Just Cause 4 is unlikely to get a PS5 upgrade at this point, four years after the game’s release. Avalanche Studios is currently busy with other projects, including a brand new Just Cause game and the Xbox-exclusive Contraband.

Rumors started spreading of a PS5 upgrade when it was supposedly leaked via the PlayStation Blog that listed all of the January 2023 PS Plus Extra and Premium game additions. The blog has since been edited to remove all mentions of PS5 upgrades, meaning the only PS5 games to be added this month are Back 4 Blood, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, and Jett: The Far Shore. There are also three PS1 classics that will come to PS5.

Just Cause 4: Reloaded will be a download-only title when it joins PS Plus Extra. Those wishing to stream the game will be offered the standard Just Cause 4 instead.