New Just Cause Game

New Just Cause Game Is in Development, Square Enix Reveals

Square Enix has disclosed that it is developing a new Just Cause game, as mentioned in an investors briefing held last month. While the accompanying presentation mentions that the publisher has held onto the Just Cause IP, details are thin on what the next installment in the franchise will be.

What the next Just Cause game might be

On the seventh page of Square Enix’s “Outline of Financial Results Briefing” presentation held on May 13, Square Enix almost fleetingly mentions the Just Cause series:

We especially revisited our studio and title portfolios from the perspective of stepping up our offering of online titles that we develop for the North American and the European market. We want to focus on creating new titles that align with our strategy, including ones that leverage new IP. The JUST CAUSE franchise will remain our IP, and we are at work developing a new title in the franchise.

While the hope is that this means Avalanche Studios is working on Just Cause 5, this new Just Cause game may just be referring to Just Cause: Mobile, which is still in development for iOS and Android by a separate team led by Square Enix. This free-to-play action-shooter, according to its official website, will include various features including an “action-packed story campaign, 30 person competitive multiplayer, [and] 4 player Co-Op missions.” As noted in the description of the announcement trailer (posted above) for the mobile game, it was planned to release in 2021 but the website says that it will release later this year.

That said, even if the upcoming Just Cause game mentioned in the presentation is only this mobile title, the website’s FAQ section specifically mentions that Square Enix’s “current plans do not involve making the series mobile only.”

Revealed in February this year, Avalanche Studios is rumored to be working on Mad Max 2. If this is true, the developer would have quite the workload if it is also in the midst of creating Just Cause 5, especially since it’s working on the co-op smuggler game Contraband too in partnership with Xbox Game Studios.

In other news, a free Saints Row customization game is reportedly releasing very soon, and Rollerdrome might be part of PS Plus Extra and Premium in August.