Mad Max 2 Development

Rumor: Avalanche Studios May Be Developing Mad Max 2

Avalanche Studios may be working on a sequel to Mad Max, according to recently-leaked photos. In a Twitter post, researcher and architect Wendy W Fok revealed that they had participated in the development of Mad Max 2 at Avalanche. Specifically, one of Avalanche Studios’ employees had invited Fok to be a model for one of the game’s rebels. The Tweet in question also mentions the official Avalanche Studio’s Twitter account as well as the Mad Max video game account.

Is Mad Max 2 currently in development?

By the looks of it, the photo was from quite a while ago. That is, at least according to Fok themself. In the Tweet, Fok states that they were invited to the company’s New York studio to get scanned using several cameras via Photogrammetry. The distinct lack of masks in the photo could indicate that the photo was taken before the pandemic, dating it at around early 2020 at the latest. Fok also doesn’t specify who the mystery Avalanche employee named “O’Neil” is, and a quick search does not come up with an exact match.

On the flip side, the Tweet could indicate that Mad Max 2 was canceled and is no longer in development. As with most triple-A titles, it’s highly likely that Fok had to sign an NDA that forbids them from discussing the game publically. Since the release of Mad Max in 2015, the group has developed other games such as Just Cause 3, Just Cause 4, and Rage 2.

Currently, the studio is also working on Contraband in partnership with Xbox Game Studios. It’s not strange for a game dev studio to be working on multiple projects at once. However, given the seven-year time span from the release of Mad Max, fans should not get their hopes up just yet.

In other news, SNK has warned fans not to believe fake news surrounding a rumored PS4 and PS5 version of Metal Slug: Awakening. Additionally, Dying Light 2 has received its first round of free DLC which includes new equipment and weapons.