See a Tornado Tear Through Just Cause 4

Rico Rodriguez never shies away from partaking in death-defying acts. All of the feats he accomplishes keep the Just Cause series feeling fresh. Thanks to the Apex Engine, Avalanche Studios aims to raise the bar. That means we are going to get to see some extreme weather.

In a recent developer diary, Avalanche Studios touted the Apex Engine’s immense power. Physics, exploration, and dynamic weather are all being pushed to the limit for Just Cause 4. A new gameplay video showcases exactly what the Apex Engine is capable of, by showing Rico going up against a tornado.

Watch Rico chase the tornado and grapple off of a drone in the Just Cause 4 video below:

Previously, while explaining Avalanche Studio’s ambitious desire to develop gaming’s best sandbox, Game Director Francesco Antolini spoke about taking Just Cause’s physics to the next level. Antolini said nothing of tornado chasing, drone grappling, and mind-boggling weapon effects, though.

To say that this Just Cause 4 gameplay reveal is impressive would be an understatement. In any given moment, there’s a lot happening on screen at once. A tornado wildly tears apart scenery in the background. Meanwhile, Rico is jumping out of tanks and firing off beams of energy from a railgun. It’s a wild and incredible spectacle, to say the least.

According to Narrative Director Omar Shakir, who narrated this Just Cause 4 trailer, the video above doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of possibilities. There ways in which Rico can stall the tornado’s movement and divert its path of destruction. How can he stop the storm? We’ll find out for sure by year’s end.

Just Cause 4 hits the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on December 4, 2018.