Plague Tale Innocence PS5

A Plague Tale: Innocence Coming to PS5 in 4K UHD in July, Reportedly Part of PlayStation Plus

Asobo Studio has announced A Plague Tale: Innocence will be coming to PlayStation 5 in July, and one of the enhancements the game will be getting is 4K UHD. Rumors are starting to circle that this latest edition of the game will be part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection for the month as well.

The enhanced PS5 version of the title will come with 4K UHD, 60 FPS, and 3D audio support. Rumors of the new-gen version of the game were already circling before the start of E3 and many were surprised the game wasn’t announced throughout the week. Alongside the official reveal, Asobo released a trailer showing off the enhanced version

As well as leaking the existence of the PS5 version of A Plague Tale: Innocence, Reddit user PracticalBrush12 also suggested it would be part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection for July. It will likely be another couple of weeks before we find out if this rumor is true, although it would fit in with Sony’s promise to carry on adding day one releases to the program. So far players have benefited from the release of Destruction AllStars, Maquette, Oddworld: Soulstorm, Wreckfest (PS5), Operation: Tango and Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Edition released into the program on day one.

Another reason to lend credence to the rumor is that PracticalBrush12 also revealed the existence of A Plague Tale: Requiem, the sequel to Innocence. As he predicted, the game was revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase during E3 2021 and would be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. Asobo later confirmed the game will be heading to PS5 too. The sequel tells the story of Amicia and her brother Hugo who are still being hunted by Inquisition soldiers and continue having to contend with swarms of rats as they try to survive on their own in the world.

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