new life is strange

Square Enix Teases New Life Is Strange Protagonist Ahead of March 18 Event

Following the announcement of a new Life is Strange, Square Enix has offered a glimpse of the new protagonist. There isn’t much to see here, but the teasers below have spurred fan theories, so check them out and feel free to chime in with your own speculations:

At the moment, we don’t know who’s developing the title, but our assumption is it’s Deck Nine because rumor has it that Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix have parted ways. Not long after these reports, Tencent announced that it had acquired a minority stake in Dontnod, and the studio made no secret of its desire to self-publish its IPs going forward.

“The funds raised will mainly be used to finance the ramp-up of Dontnod’s strategy to develop new self-published intellectual properties worldwide on PC, consoles and mobile platforms, and thereby take full advantage of positive trends within the industry for creators of internationally renowned and original games,” Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert said of the Tencent deal. “Through this partnership, Dontnod is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the various growth drivers in the video game industry.”

Tune in on March 18th for information on the upcoming Life is Strange.