Fighting Veterans Analyzing Street Fighter X Tekken at E3

One of the busiest booths at E3 is Street Fighter X Tekken. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the Sony or Capcom booth you can expect one thing where SFxT is involved: to wait in line. While both attendees and fans stood in line waiting to play Capcom’s next big title, a few well-known names in the fighting game scene were on hand doing more than just playing the game; they’re already analyzing it.

Cross Counter TV icons Mike Ross and Ryan GootecksGutierrez were on hand taking in the sights and sounds of E3. More importantly, they had hands on with SFxT and are no doubt analyzing the game mechanics for what is Capcom’s next big fighting game title. Those two weren’t alone however. Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago was on hand, going to head to head with Mike Ross in one of the game’s free-play areas. It’s safe to say that SFxT will have an impact on the fighting game scene—and when it does it looks Clockw0rk, Mike Ross and Gootecks will be ready.