New Deus Ex Screens Released

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the upcoming first person shooter from Eidos Montreal. Although people have talked about all the intense action sequences,  the game will have a robust stealth mechanic. Players can get through the entire game with killing only the bosses. Square Enix has released screens for the game that should get you excited.

Eidos is working on breaking the boundaries with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. A lot of time has been spent improving the enemy AI. Enemies move in squads and every squad has a leader who directs the actions of the other enemies. If you kill the leader, the group falls into disarray. Enemies will also change their behavior depending on what weapon the player is using. Notice that in one of the screenshots, the player is holding his hand over a desk and the drawer and computer are glowing. Eidos is making objects the player can interact with glow, so that gameplay is quicker and smoother. This is also why Eidos has opted for regenerative health, instead of having the player search out medical kits. A player can still use food items to recover their health if they don’t want to wait for it to regenerate regularly.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution release is just around the corner on August 23rd.