Horror Movie Halloween Pitched as Move, Kinect Game

Casual gamers have found a home on the PlayStation Move and Kinect, with dance and sports titles filling the peripherals’ library. Wouldn’t it be better if core gamers could have some fun murdering people?

Spotted by internet sleuth Supererogatory, Thierry Perreau, Creative Director at Neko Entertainment, revealed on his LinkedIn that he worked on a pitch for a motion controlled game based on the hit slasher movie series Halloween. Perreau has been working as a Game Designer and Concept Designer since September 2005, so the pitch could have been pitched any time since 2005. The LinkedIn states (translated):

Halloween (from the film) for the Wii, the Xbox 360 (Kinect) and the PS3 (PS Move)

With the film series collectively grossing over $366 million at the box-office, a game based on the franchise would certainly be successful, and a motion controlled version could have promise. As it was only pitched, there’s no knowing whether the game will actually ever be made, and if it is, whether we’ll end up playing as Michael Myers or one of his would-be victims.