The Walking Dead – E3 Impressions

The Walking Dead is most well known for both the comic book series and the currently running television show on AMC. Both of these follow the journey of Rick Grimes in a zombie infested world after an outbreak has occurred. Sounds perfect for a videogame right? Well Telltale Games is developing such a game, and while they couldn’t tell us everything, here is what we learned at this year’s E3.

The game will be following closely to the events that occurred in the comic books, rather than the TV show. They consider the comic books the foundation of what they will revolve the game around. Telltale Games plans on focusing on the darker side of the people that are involved in the zombie apocalypse. Rather than have a game such as Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising series, The Walking Dead will focus more on interaction, and will be more story based and character driven as you play through the title. We were also told that Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic book series, and Skybound Entertainment were happy to see that they were separating themselves from the pack by not doing a zombie shooter, and focusing on an emotionally driven story that immerses the player, hence the reason Telltale Games was chosen as the ones to make a game based upon the popular comic and show.

In the game, you will not be taking on the role of the characters that you have come to know in the series, rather it will be new characters and events that are taking place alongside the events in the comics. Taking on the role of Lee Everett, a prisoner being transported to another facility, you are knocked unconscious when the vehicle wrecks. Upon waking, he realizes there is complete chaos. In the first few comics, Grimes tries to get into the city of Atlanta, but in the game they are trying to get out of Atlanta. Lee eventually meets another survivor, a young girl named Clementine, who has managed to survive the outbreak this far.

The events of the comics and the game happen within the same time frame, so you will be seeing some of the characters from the comics within the game, though it hasn’t been revealed how many you will encounter. Also, this is one of the darkest games that Telltale Games has ever done, so they are promising that fans of the series will not be disappointed. There will also be a full Facebook game that tie into the events of the final game, so definitely be on the look out for that as well.