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telltale game glitches

Engine Issues Weren’t the Only Cause of Telltale Game Glitches

The varied issues across certain series makes sense now.

telltale guardians of the galaxy

Telltale Executives Are Why Guardians of the Galaxy Was Dark and Sad

Comments from a Narrative Designer paint a horrid picture of Telltale’s creative environment.

the walking dead episode 3 release

The Third Episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season Might Be Out Before 2018 Ends

A slight glimmer of hope?

The Walking Dead Final Season

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Will Be Completed By Skybound Games

Clementine’s story will conclude after all.

Telltale Layoffs

Telltale Lays Off More Staff Members

These numbers are dwindling.

The Walking Dead narrative

How Telltale’s The Walking Dead Changed Games Forever

Lee and Clementine did a lot for the industry.

the walking dead final season ps4 review

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 2 – Suffer the Children Review – Farewell for Now (PS4)

Looks like this might be all she wrote for Clementine…

the wolf among us is the best telltale game

The Wolf Among Us – Blending Fantasy with Reality

What a glamorous game.

More Than 1,000 Jobs Were Lost in the Games Industry Over the Past Year, 10 Studios Closed Doors

Telltale wasn’t the only casualty of poor management practices.

the walking dead the final season delisted

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Has Been Temporarily Delisted

It’s probably a bad idea to buy it anyway at this point.

telltale games sued

Telltale Games Sued for WARN Labor Law Violations

A messy story has become a lot messier.

telltale games shut down

Telltale’s Closure Came After a Failed Round of Financing

The company wasn’t able to secure financing in time.

stranger things license

Devolver Digital Reaches Out to Netflix About Stranger Things License

No Code seems the perfect home for an interactive Stranger Things adventure.

stranger things game

Netflix Still Plans on Producing a Stranger Things Game

Someday we’ll face the demogorgon, controller in hand.

telltale stranger things leak

Telltale Games’ Stranger Things Concept Art and Gameplay Footage Leaked

A rare look at what could have been.

telltale zombie game

Telltale Was Working on a Procedurally-Generated Zombie Game

It was to be a massive change for the developer

The Walking Dead Final Season Demo

The Walking Dead’s Clementine Voice Actress Releases Statement on Telltale’s Impending Closure

She also commented on the Final Season’s cancellation.

telltale games closure

Former Telltale Devs Shed Light on Questionable Management as Grim Details About Closure Surface

New employees started work as recently as a week ago.

telltale walking dead final season

Remainder of Telltale’s The Walking Dead Final Season Reportedly Cancelled

The skeleton crew is finishing off Minecraft: Story Mode.