Telltale Games layoffs cast doubt on the future of The Wolf Among Us 2.

Telltale Games Allegedly Laid off ‘Most’ of Its Employees Yet Again

Telltale Games has undergone a round of layoffs following the release of The Expanse, casting doubts over the future of The Wolf Among Us 2. This is another deja vu for the video games industry, particularly in the case of Telltale Games, which originally collapsed in 2018. The studio was resurrected in 2019 under a different company.

Telltale Games has no updates on The Wolf Among Us 2 but it’s still in production

It looks like Telltale planned to keep the affair private, given its history, but one employee decided to speak out on Twitter, following which the studio was forced to release an official statement.

Cinematic artist Jonah Huang claims that “most” of the developers were laid off in September, adding that those who were made redundant had to sign an NDA as part of their severance package that prevents them from saying anything that harms Telltale or its reputation. He added that he’s unable to provide an update on the status of The Wolf Among Us 2.

In its statement, Telltale didn’t say how many employees were let go. Without naming any titles, the studio said that “all projects currently in development are still in production,” but it has no further updates to provide at this time.