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The Wolf Among Us 2 Doesn’t Require Playing the Original

Telltale Games CEO Jamie Ottilie has said that The Wolf Among Us 2‘s story mostly stands on its own and doesn’t require having played the original. As reported by IGN, Ottilie confirmed during an interview published in the latest issue of Edge magazine that the opening of The Wolf Among Us 2’s first episode will be enough for players to develop an understanding of what’s happened so far.

The Wolf Among Us 2 story is set six months after the original

The Wolf Among Us 2 takes players to New York in the winter of 1980, some six months after the events of the original game. Regardless, they’ll be up to speed by the time the first episode of the sequel is over. “We strive to design our narratives so they can stand on their own,” Ottilie said. “We think the opening of the first episode sets things up in such a way that the player understands how the characters got where they are now.” That said, Ottilie hopes that players who haven’t played the first season will still give it a go.

Opinion: I can’t wait for The Wolf Among Us 2

Zarmena writes… A sequel to The Wolf Among Us was the only presumed casualty of the original Telltale Games’ demise that bothered a lot of people, and rightly so. The game’s plot and voice cast are superb, and its ending left room for a lot more. It would have been a huge shame if we never saw the story continue. The reborn Telltale Games seems much more focused and composed, and we’re all happy to see its old proprietary engine go, which gives us some reassurance that the studio’s release pipeline isn’t going to be a hot mess.

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[Source: IGN]