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The Wolf Among Us 2 Brings Bigby Back to The Big Apple in 2023

The Wolf Among Us 2 will be released on PS5 and PS4 next year. After almost two years in development, Telltale Games stepped out from the shadows to reveal the game’s first official trailer where Bigby returns to New York in the winter of 1980.

When will The Wolf Among Us 2 be released?

The Wolf Among Us 2 will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2023. A more specific release window hasn’t been given and Telltale has said they will “take the time needed to make this game right”. While the game will be released in five episodes, the first episode will not hit stores until the entire season has been completed. This also means the entire season is being developed simultaneously.

The game is set during the winter of 1980, just six months after the events of the first season of The Wolf Among Us. Sheriff Bigby has headed to an area outside of Fabletown on an investigation at a seedy looking apartment block. What was supposed to be a simple arrest of a fable turned into something a little more… violent. Telltale then told PlayStation Blog that this case spans the normal – mundie – world and will force Bigby to make difficult decisions about who he’s going to help. Take a look for yourself:

The game is being developed on Unreal engine, hopefully providing a smoother experience than the aging engine that had powered previous Telltale games. The game is being co-developed by AdHoc Studio, which is made up of previous Telltale employees including those who worked on The Wolf Among Us.

In other news, Sony and Polyphony Digital have revealed Gran Turismo Sophy, a superhuman AI agent that is capable of beating the world’s best Gran Turismo drivers. The intention is to include the AI in future GT games. Elsewhere, Apex Legends has been rated for PS5 in Europe and Taiwan, fueling rumors of a native version for new-gen consoles.