PS Vita To Support Microsoft’s Skype

Without question, it is clear to consumers and developers alike that the PlayStation Vita hardware allows for just about anything in terms of not only gaming but also connectivity, and when the original announcement of the NGP revealed that the successor to the PSP would host front and rear-facing cameras and support 3G, we could not have been the only ones to speculate at the possibilities of video chatting and other VoIP services. 

While Skype may have been bought out by the parent company of one of Sony Computer Entertainment’s competitors and is announced to release for the Xbox 360 Kinect, Microsoft’s promise of supporting non-Microsoft platforms holds hope for the PS Vita to be graced with Skype support as well. After all, the original PSP has had Skype support for several years.

The image above comes from what appears to be a PS Vita press conference of some sort taking place in Brazil. Why Sony would choose to announce this feature in the Latin American region rather than E3 is beyond us. One possibility could be that this could be one of a few other closed-door presentations and the image above was leaked by an attendee without authorization. Regardless, given the hardware of the PlayStation Vita, some sort of VoIP implementation is inevitable to say the least. Keep up with PlayStation LifeStyle for the latest on PS Vita and more.