LulzSec Lives: “Which Poor Bastard Did They Take Down?” [Updated]

After it was revealed that a suspected LulzSec member had been arrested for hacking the UK police site, as well as numerous other sites and networks – possibly including the PSN – many believed the writing was on the wall for the hacker group, but, to the despair of security firms worldwide, it seems their death may have been greatly exaggerated.

The Metropolitan Police revealed they had arrested a 19-year old male in Essex – believed to be Ryan Cleary, for several attacks, including one that LulzSec bragged about. However, LulzSec have tweeted that they were still on the loose:

Seems the glorious leader of LulzSec got arrested, it’s all over now… wait… we’re all still here! Which poor bastard did they take down?

They also denied responsibility for the hack of the UK census – which has the name, address and date of birth of every UK citizen:

Just saw the pastebin of the UK census hack. That wasn’t us – don’t believe fake LulzSec releases unless we put out a tweet first.

Of course, Cleary could have been a LulzSec member, and the rest of the group are just not admitting it, but it does suggest that either he wasn’t involved, or he simply wasn’t an important part of LulzSec.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.


LulzSec have also tweeted:

Ryan Cleary is not part of LulzSec; we house one of our many legitimate chatrooms on his IRC server, but that’s it.


Clearly the UK police are so desperate to catch us that they’ve gone and arrested someone who is, at best, mildly associated with us. Lame.