Ryu Hayabusa Makes a Bloody Mess in Latest Ninja Gaiden 3 Screens

Team Ninja is hard at work on the latest from their challenging and extremely energetic hack and slash series, Ninja Gaiden. Ryu Hayabusa is back, even more talented than before, and details have been promising for Ninja Gaiden 3. Not only is the game bloody, but several mechanics have been tweaked since the last release including weapon upgrades and story development. The difficult nature of the series is also back, and is bringing both cooperative and competitive multiplayer along with it. I’m sure by now you’re just drooling to see more from the game, and for that we have over a dozen of the latest ingame screenshots.

The new and improved Ryu Hayabusa along with his limitless skill set for Ninja Gaiden 3 is viewable below, and pay special attention to screenshot six where Ryu is using his new skill, the ability to climb walls with his kunai (ninja daggers):

We were able to play the heck out Ninja Gaiden 3 at this year’s E3 event. If you want to hear more about the game, along with what we thought, be sure to check out our E3 impressions article.