Over 30 Screens of Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle

Here are the first screenshots of Namco Bandai’s PS3 action-packed Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle, which is set to release near the end of this year in Japan and some time in 2012 in Europe.

Europe also received the PS2’s 3D action title Saint Seiya: The Sanctuary, whereas North America did not. In this case however, interested fans in foreign territories can at least import the game, as the PS3’s software is region free. North American fans surely hope for history to not repeat itself, nonetheless, as our readers would agree.

Saint Seiya started as a manga series and quickly got an accompanying anime series, as is fairly common in Japan. Also common with such matters is for the animated part to be significantly more popular outside of Japan, and Saint Seiya was no exception. It’s held in high regard as a classic in both formats, having made the two debuts in 1986. Seiya would make the video game jump the next year with a pair of RPGs for PC, to be later ported to the NES. For all its popularity, the Saint Seiya video games have been few and far between, though. The last time we saw Seiya on a console in any region was the aforementioned PS2 title in 2005. Times are ever-changing, so we’ll see if this one finally bucks the series trend of skipping the Americas.