PlayStation Store Preview – June 28th, 2011: Uncharted 3 Beta

This week is filled with demos. More exciting than that, is the Uncharted 3 beta, which is essentially available to everyone considering that PlayStation Plus is free for 30 days. Even if you cashed in the free subscription as soon as the PlayStation Store returned, you’ll have PlayStation Plus for a few more days. The beta is PlayStation Plus only, unless you have a voucher code from inFamous 2. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for an exclusive Uncharted 3 beta giveaway, where we’ll have codes for a special in-game attribute that can be used in the beta.

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Uncharted 3 Beta (PS Plus and inFamous 2 codes ONLY) Win Creepy Crawly Kickback code here.

Beyond Good & Evil HD (Full Game and Demo)

Gatling Gears (Full Game and Demo)

PlayStation Move: Ape Escape Demo

Motorstorm: Apocalypse Multiplayer Demo

NCAA Football 12 Demo

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Demo

Streets of Rage 2

Marvel Pinball DLC – Captian America Table


  • Tetraminos

rock-band Rock Band DLC

  • 3 Doors Down – “Here Without You”
  • 3 Doors Down – “When I’m Gone” X
  • 3 Doors Down – “When You’re Young
  • Poison – “Nothin’ but a Good Time” X
  • Poison – “Talk Dirty To Me”
  • Poison – “Unskinny Bop”

Homefront Multiplayer Demo


Crysis 2 – Decimation DLC

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