Celebrate The Birthday of PlayStation Plus With A Nice Bonus

Yes, it has already been an entire year since the paid service of PlayStation Plus launched, and it has been quite successful. This most likely is due to the high amounts of discounts and bonuses that users get with the service. One of the huge perks of the service is that PlayStation Plus users are able to store their game saves online so nothing happens to them. Now that PlayStation Plus is 1 year old, Sony has a great deal for users in celebration of it’s birthday – at least in the US.

Sony is now offering a great addition of “Birthday Bonus Months” when purchasing PlayStation Plus. By purchasing PlayStation Plus for 1-year you then receive an extra 3-months as a bonus, and those that choose to get the 3-month package will receive 1 extra month as a bonus. Sony has some stats from the first year of the service and the amount of content given is amazing:

  • More than 50 Free Games
  • Over 100 Free DLC Items (Add-ons, Avatars, Themes)
  • 170+ Discounts
  • Over 100 Exclusives and Early Access items
  • $800+ in Savings

Below is the birthday flyer summarizing the deal:

This deal begins today and is available through July 11th, be sure to check it out so that you don’t miss out on this great deal. Sony Europe has yet to announce a similar deal.