Unreal Engine 3 Gets Upgraded with Impressive Foliage System, See for Yourself

Epic Games is not only well-known for their Unreal Tournament series, but for the game engines they produce. This generation’s Unreal Engine 3 has seen a lot of action, and has been the platform of choice for roughly a hundred games including Mass Effect 2, Mortal Kombat, and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Although it’s been improved over the years, some people say that its time is limited, but Epic Games definitely doesn’t agree.

Senior PR manager Dana Cowley was happy to share a screenshot of a new system implemented into Unreal Engine 3, and posted the following via Twitter:

Here’s a shot of our new foliage system in Unreal Engine 3.

In case you think that the above image is pre-rendered, which many have, Dana says the following:

that screenshot is 100% in-engine, in real time.

So maybe the Unreal Engine 3 has some life left after all. Heck, it’s the engine that will run Batman: Arkham City, and we all know that game looks fantastic.