PSP to 3DS: “I Believe That’s My Chair”

When the 4-month-old 3DS outsold the 6-year-old PSP by a few thousand units in Japan last week, news outlets were practically set ablaze, as if some monumental changing of the guard had taken place. Nintendo’s time in the hardware sales throne was only fleeting, however, because this week it’s back to business as usual for Sony’s first handheld. The machine had been the dominant force on hardware sales lists in The Land of the Rising Sun since late 2010, still sitting in second place even last week. More resilient than most people expected, the PSP now sits atop the list once more.

The charts look like this:

PSP – 29,189

3DS – 27,926

PS3 – 16,993

DS – 9,540

Wii – 9,511

360 – 2,152

PS2 – 1,332

The lead isn’t huge, but it’s just interesting that this system is refusing to go out quietly.

The above DS number includes all versions such as Lite, XL, DSi and all those. Same goes for the PSP numbers, as it encompasses 2000, 3000, and the ill-fated PSPgo, the last of which only sold a meager 21 units this past week. I won’t be surprised if it’s shifting single digits in a week by the end of summer.