ESRB Reveals the Mothership, Crysis Coming to PlayStation 3

People said that Crysis could never be brought to consoles; the texture definition was too high, character models had far too many polygons, and the lighting/shader systems made other games look archaic in comparison. Then Crysis 2 landed on the PlayStation 3. The game looked brilliant, and some argue it’s visually the best that the PS3 has to offer. But Crytek wasn’t done yet, and is now looking to bring the original title over and show console owners what everyone was mouthing off about back in 2007.

The ESRB has added a new entry for Crysis on their site, but this time the PlayStation 3 is listed as a supported platform. This comes as a great surprise since the title is now a few years old, and many imagined it wasn’t even possible. ESRB’s website has been extremely reliable over the years, and has tipped many titles prior to their official announcements. I’m convinced, and it shouldn’t be long before Crytek makes an announcement and shares the mother load of details.

Crysis has remained a defining game for the PC platform, making this even more astonishing, and it maintained a AAA score despite some reviewers not being able to play it without major FPS lag (this was an exceptionally graphic hard game back in 2007). Could this be the mystery game that will land on the cover of Game Informer’s August issue? It surely meets the criteria: “You won’t see this one coming, folks”.

Stay tuned for more on this major development.