Mortal Kombat Creator Says Next Game Is Being Worked On

Mortal Kombat is an incredibly storied franchise spanning almost two decades of blood and gore. The first three titles were known to be the best in the series, and anything thereafter wasn’t up to snuff for hardcore MK fans. That is, until the latest Mortal Kombat released this year as a reboot of the original three titles that made the series such a resounding success. According to series creator, Ed Boon, him and his team at NetherRealm Studios are not stopping there, either.

When asked by a fan on Twitter if NetherRealm would consider story modes for the 4 DLC characters, Ed Boon spilled the beans on a new title:

Possible? Yes. Probable? No. Story guys working on next game.

It’s highly unlikely that a “next game” is far along in development since they’re still currently tweaking this one and adding to it via DLC. However, it’s great to hear that the story team is already planning the plot for a follow up.

Mortal Kombat is a retelling of the first three titles in the series: Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 – so the logical progression would have fans assuming that Mortal Kombat 4 would be next in line. Boon addressed this when answering another tweet from a fan who asked if Mortal Kombat 4 was next:

We changed the timeline so probably not.

Wherever they choose to take the franchise, as long as they keep the fan favorite staple characters in-tact, and don’t stray too much from this new formula, then it’s bound to be another hit with fans. Simply put, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It didn’t work last time for you, and it won’t work again.

The game could also possibly be for the PlayStation Vita, as NetherRealm were the first to reveal the “PSP2” after they said they had dev units of the handheld.