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GTTV “Sony Surprise” Is…

Late yesterday evening, an upcoming program listing for Spike TV’s GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley made its way around the net. The listing showed that GTTV had a “Sony Surprise” scheduled for July 15th, exciting fans and fooling a number of news outlets. But the “big surprise” is bound to disappoint fans, although it didn’t when it was first announced…

Confused? You should be. The “Sony Surprise” epsiode actually first ran on May 12th, 2011 — just prior to E3. If you remember correctly, that was the day that Starhawk made its debut on GTTV.

GTTV’s Jeremy Hoffman further explains:

Normally we would name the episode after the main game or event in the episode, but because we had to keep the Starhawk name a secret the episode is called “Sony Surprise”.

There is still reason for excitement, though, as Jeremy also points out that there is “some new info/footage about one of Sony’s fall titles” in the episode airing on July 21st.

Don’t be disappointed, Starhawk is a great game, it’s just not the suprise I know a lot of you are looking for. gamescom and PAX Prime are just around the corner, so it may not be too much longer we’ll have to hold out for some more annoucements and suprises.