Beat Hazard Ultra Lighting Up PSN Soon

Another twin stick shooter which is called Beat Hazard Ultra is on the way to the PSN, bringing the twist of levels based off of your music collection.

Do you have far more music on your PlayStation 3 than games that allow you to make use of it? If so, you may be happy to hear that Beat Hazard Ultra take advantage of your awesome collection soon when it launches wave after wave of enemies at you to the tune of whatever is in your music library. The beat of the song selected controls how your ship shoots, while the song itself determines the layout of each level. Developed by Cold Beam Games, Beat Hazard and the Ultra DLC has already been released for XBLA and PC, but the new release of Beat Hazard Ultra on PSN is including a few new features to make up for lost time. A new co op mode and head to head versus mode will be implemented, as well as new weapons, enemies, and power ups.

Unfortunately, no date or price has been set yet for the game, but judging by Beat Hazard‘s original $10 price tag and the accompanying DLC’s $5 price, it is likely that we’ll see the PSN version at a $10-15 price point. We’ll let you know more about Beat Hazard Ultra‘s PSN release as it comes, but until then expect it to bring you one crazy light show sometime this year.