Catherine Has Some Big Assets, Including its Mandatory Install

As you might be aware, Catherine is coming out in North America in less than two weeks, and it’s unarguably one of the largest titles this Summer. A demo was just released during the last PlayStation Store update, and it showed off its unique story deliver and strange elements. You’re probably excited to pick it up on the 26th, but we have some information you might want to know before you head to your local retailer.

Heads up – Catherine will set your PlayStation 3’s hard drive back 2.5 gigabytes with its mandatory install. This is becoming pretty standard these days, so you probably aren’t surprised, but the bright side is that installs make a big difference on load times.

Catherine has been said to last over a dozen hours, and with its unique blend of erotic adventure and puzzle sequences developed by the same team who brought the Persona series to PlayStation, so the install should be well-worth it.