Final Fantasy XIII-2 Strikes Down North American Release

Final Fantasy XIII-2 looks like it won’t fall into the trap of most RPGs, where they release in North America months, sometimes years, after their initial Japanese release. Instead, FFXIII-2 will be releasing January 2012, just a month after its release in the land out East.

A Press Release from Square Enix detailing its Comic-Con lineup revealed that the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII would be hitting North American shelves this coming January. To further confirm the release, Square Enix PR Manager Emily Shoji had the following to say on her twitter feed:

FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is slated for a January 2012 release for North America. Be excited!

No word has been revealed yet on a European date for the game but we expect it to fall pretty close to the Japanese and North American releases. Let us know in the comments whether you think January is a good time for this game to release.