Sony Testing Games on 3D Virtual Reality Headsets

Sony have never been scared to experiment and invest in new ideas, with the PlayStation Eye being one of the first motion detecting devices, and the PS3 being the first 3D games console. Now, it has been revealed that Sony are also testing out virtual reality 3D headsets for use with PlayStation games.

Speaking to Develop, Mick Hocking, senior director at Sony Worldwide Studios confirmed that they were testing out the technology within their studios.

We’ve got a new head mounted display [in development] that we showed at Consumer Electronics Show.

The prototype is being upgraded to incorporate head-tracking, with Hocking continuing:

At the moment it’s just a head-mounted display; the head isn’t being tracked – but that’s something we’re doing R&D on.

I have to say, what we’ve done in the R&D projects has just been fantastic. We’re working with a couple of games at Sony that are experimenting with virtual reality type experiences.

Hocking’s comments come just before his Develop Conference keynote on Sony’s 3D strategy this Wednesday. We’ll be at Develop (19th-21st), so we’ll be sure to provide coverage of the keynote, as well as catch up with Mick on what has changed with Sony’s strategy since we spoke to him last year.