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Write a Trophy Guide, Get a PSN Card

Attention Trophy hunters! PlayStation LifeStyle is looking for people who are serious about trophies to chip in and write trophy guides in our new community-based trophy initiative. If this is something you may be interested in, click the read more to… well… read more!

Trophy hunters are a community of serious gamers hell-bent on obtaining as many platinum trophies as they can. That’s exactly the type of people we are recruiting for our new community-driven Trophy Guide database.

If you enjoy hunting for trophies and helping out fellow gamers, then you can earn yourself a $20 PSN card for every guide that makes it on the site.

We can’t promise that every guide that is submitted (we check for accuracy and compare it to other guides on the net to avoid any copy-paste culprits) will make it on the site, but if your guide is selected, you get a $20 PSN card.

Note: We’re looking for recent (within the last 2-3 months, the closer to release date the better) retail released titles. We will take certain significant older releases as well, depending on the title and solely at the discretion of the PlayStation LifeStyle staff. We reserve the right to deny any Trophy Guide submission depending on a number of factors which will be held privately.

To submit a guide, head to this thread on our forums.

Furthermore, if you enjoy writing these guides on a consistent basis, you may be offered a chance to join the PlayStation LifeStyle team.