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Mortal Kombat Mystery DLC Character to be Revealed Tomorrow

Comic Con, while primarily a convention for comic books and related media, puts a major spotlight on video games. Warner Bros. is going to be there in full force, bringing Batman: Arkham City and Mortal Kombat to the show. According to Warner, Mortal Kombat co-creator and head of NetherRealm Studios will be on-hand to make a huge announcement.

Tomorrow at 2:00PM during the ‘Warner Premiere Digital Series’ live-panel, Ed Boon will reveal the 4th and currently unknown Mortal Kombat DLC character that’s been teased repeatedly in many of the past DLC character’s trailers. Fans have been drowning in speculation since the first mention of the mystery character.

If you’re in San Diego for Comic Con or just living in the area, head to the GameStop in the Westfield Horton Plaza, between the hours of 7:00PM and 10:00PM for an exclusive chance to play as the new character, almost two entire weeks before the character will be available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE.

We’ll be sure to bring you the news when it’s revealed tomorrow, but for now, take your best shot at guessing who the character might be.


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