Namco Giving From Software Complete Control Over Dark Souls

Dark Souls producers Daisuke Uchiyama and Kei Hirono are giving lead director Hidetaka Miyazaki full reign to develop the upcoming action role-playing title.  Hidetaka was the big brain behind Demon’s Souls, and has been credited with much of its success. As such, don’t expect Dark Souls to be any more forgiving than its brutally difficult predecessor.

In an interview with Gamasutra, Hirono explained the importance of preserving the franchise’s difficulty.

We are bringing this game to a new stage, making this game more difficult and having people feel more of a sense of achievement or accomplishment.  Actually, we wanted people to feel the sense of achievement or accomplishment — a ‘Yes!’ feeling. That was the reason why we increased the difficulty level. And I believe that this is the only game that people can feel that much sense of achievement.

It is clear that Namco is confident in Miyazaki’s abilities and values his creative direction.  In the end, the producers are counting on the development team to create “what they think is best.”

Look out for Dark Souls when it hits store shelves on October 4.