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Leaked Image Hints at Resident Evil 6 Tokyo Game Show Announcement

During a closed-door press conference at Comic-Con, one sly individual snapped a photo during the meeting, having been told that no pictures were allowed.  The individual then promptly uploaded the image to the HellDecent forums in a thread titled “Resident Evil 6 confirmed.”

The image itself shows an on-screen logo for Resident Evil 6 with the date 15-9-2011 underneath.  The poster’s thread reads as follows:

today I was invited to the Capcom closed door press conference at San Diego Comic-con and they showed us some presentations about details on upcoming Capcom games and other stuff like about their marketing and other but the most interesting thing is that they confirmed and showed us Resident Evil 6 logo. they didnt give out any details about he game but said more updates about it will be given this TGS September 15Tth. we were not allowed to record video or even take photos during the conference but i managed to take a photo without anyone noticing

This year’s Tokyo Game Show will take place on September 15, so it’s highly likely that we’ll get a proper reveal at that time.  Mind you, since Capcom has yet to confirm the validity of this information, treat this news as rumor, though it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if it were true.