PlayStation Vita Release Date, Other Questions Answered at Tokyo Game Show

The PlayStation Vita was at GDC, although it was locked in a case, and no one could touch it. At E3, only members of the press were allowed hands-on time. But at Tokyo Game Show, the PlayStation Vita will be playable by the public for the very first time. That, and Sony plans on answering all the lingering questions regarding the price.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president, Hiroshi Kawano, said that the PlayStation Vita will be the star of Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off on September 15th. There, Sony will address some of the remaining unanswered questions, such as when the Vita will release, what the launch line-up will be, 3G pricing details, UMD issues and more.

Kawano-san’s comments come from the freshly-opened PlayStation Vita community page at the official PlayStation Japan website.

Much of the information will be specific to Japan, and we’d be surprised if a release date wasn’t already reveal for other territories at Sony’s upcoming gamescom press conference.