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Sony Sets Date and Time for gamescom Press Conference

gamescom is E3’s European counterpart in almost every way. It’s the largest industry trade show in Europe, as E3 is in America. It also is a great venue for major console manufacturers to make massive announcements.

In the past Sony has announced major titles, and more. Even the slimmer, lighter PlayStation 3 and subsequent price drop was announced there back in 2009. That makes the following date and time something you’ll definitely want to mark on your calendars, as this is when Sony is having their annual gamescom press conference.

Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe has set the date for their upcoming gamescom press conference to be:

Tuesday, August 16th at 7:00PM CET. (12:00PM EST, 9:00AM PST)

We expect the show to mainly focus on the PlayStation Vita, but we wouldn’t rule out any surprise PlayStation 3 announcements.

We’ll be there live at gamescom in Cologne, Germany for the Sony press conference, so stick with PlayStationLifeStyle for up-to-the-minute gamescom coverage.