Sony not attending gamescom 2024

Sony Absent From Gamescom Yet Again as Microsoft Announces Big Booth

Sony and Nintendo are both set to skip Gamescom 2024 once again as Microsoft plans to show up with its “biggest” Xbox booth yet. The PlayStation maker hasn’t attended Europe’s biggest gaming event since 2019, marking this year’s absence its fifth in a row.

Sony continues to skip major gaming events including gamescom

The days of PlayStation Experience (PSX) and PlayStation booths at events like E3 and Gamescom feel like eons ago. Sony has since settled for the PlayStation Blog and digital events like PlayStation Showcase and State of Play, save for some announcements at The Game Awards.

Sony didn’t say why it’s skipping Gamescom 2024, choosing instead to share a standard statement with multiple outlets confirming that it has no plans to attend.

Meanwhile, Microsoft took to X to announce its “biggest booth yet.” Xbox recently held a solid digital showcase. That the company is heading back to a major event has certainly pleased its fans.

As for Nintendo, the company told Eurogamer back in April that “after careful consideration from all perspectives, we’ve made the decision not to be present at gamescom 2024.” Nintendo recently held a widely praised digital showcase, and is expected to announce a successor to the Switch within the fiscal year.