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Burn Zombie Burn Devs Exclaim: All Zombies Must Die!

The award-winning studio doublesix games has announced a spiritual successor to their 2009 PlayStation Network title, Burn Zombie Burn! And this new title proves, they really, really, really want to kill zombies.

The new title also features a namesake that adheres to their ‘murder zombies at all costs’ mantra. All Zombies Must Die! is a multiplayer action game that features weapons-based arena combat and RPG elements.

Up to four players can take on the roles of “a Gamer, a Girl, a Mad Scientist and an Alien” to take on the hordes of over 6 billion whimsical zombies. The art style is similar to Burn Zombie Burn!/em> in the fact that it’s light-hearted and comic-esque. Knowing doublesix, there’s bound to be plenty of hilarious tongue-in-cheek levels, weaponry, and item drops (zombies will drop hamburgers – yum!).

All Zombies Must Die! is set for release in Q4 2011 on both Steam and the PlayStation Network. For now, check out the teaser video below: