Disgaea 4 Carries its Series’ Tradition of Perverted Sexual Jokes

The Disgaea series is well-known in the strategy RPG world for its loveable blend of tactical gameplay, humor, and lively characters. Previous releases have never shied away from crossing the line, typically making a few crude joke in the process. Now that Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is on the horizon for the North American and European markets,we get to see that tradition carry into 2011.

The ESRB has released its official rating for Disgaea 4, and while it has landed a rating of T for Teen, you probably shouldn’t let your 13 year old play it. Among the reasons for giving it a Teen rating are fantasy violence, drug references, and language, but one sentence in the rating particularly stands out. Disgaea 4‘s ESRB page reads:

During the course of the game, some of the dialogue includes suggestive comments (e.g., “You’ve earned the right to be called a pervert, by sneaking around and peeping on us,” “I just love it when men do things that constitute sexual harassment,” and “You’re so flat, they use your chest to measure if a shelf is straight!”).

The Disgaea series recently entered the spotlight when strong rumors buzzed around the net regarding Disgaea 3 being ported to the PlayStation Vita as a launch title. While the truthfulness of the rumor is still unknown, it doesn’t change the fact that Disgaea 4 will be available in North America and Europe this Fall. Check out the latest screenshots if you need something to tie you over (or make the wait worse).