Disgaea 4 Discovers New English Screenshots

The prinnies are growing restless down in the netherworld and, to try and satisfy them, NIS America has released 68 brand new English screenshots of Disgaea 4 for gamers everywhere to enjoy. These new screenshots highlight the story, characters, and humor you can expect to enjoy come September.

Disgaea 4 follows Valvatorez, a former vampire who has denounced his powers and vowed never to drink blood again until he scares Astina, a girl whom he met over 400 years ago and died before he had the chance to do so. This kind of story sounds just like something from the Disgaea series and is the reason it has such a cult following. Check out the screenshots below and see how nicely the latest game in this series is coming along.

Disgaea 4 will be releasing exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in North America on September 6th, with a European release slated for Q3 of this year.